I do hope that my ramble will not bore you. I know when to shut up e.g. when my wife’s triple glazing is initiated or she starts to talk over me before I have finished telling her about my latest insight or discovery.

I’ve re-joined the local on-line library and been catching up on all those important authors I should have read years ago.

My daughter has been working in advertising for 10+ years . Last summer the radio station she worked for was taken over by a media conglomerate . She decided to leave and has taken up with a broadcast start up, and I couldn’t be more proud of her for making tough decisions.

All I want to do right now is get on with this bottle of Red, but I’m still waiting for a delivery from Morrisons. The time is 19:30, and the food parcel should have been here between 12:00 and 13:00. I spoke to Hasoor about the delay and he blamed the delay on everything apart from sunspots. Then I get a request from the super market ( now that’s got to be the best oxymoron of the year) to complete a survey on how my query/complaint was handled. Maybe tomorrow when I’ve got less time.

The Delivery arrived and I really can’t be bothered to fill out their survey: I might if I received a discount on the groceries. What is it with these surveys? Which poor buggers K.P.I.s rely on going into a meeting and delivering statistics confirming that the last meetings objectives have been realised soley based on bullied responses from bored customers with more free time than is good for their mental well being?

20th January 2021. Mr Biden is signed in. On BBC2 is a crown green bowling competition. I’ll just carry on with my John Le Carre memoir from the library. The book is surprisingly revealing. Just sorry we won’t hear from him again.

Last month I made contact through Linked in with an old friend Mike Freeth. Between 1971-73 we persued girls, went to music concerts, made much noise in his parents house with the aid of his sister Caroline and Alex Watson. Alex didn’t have any money so I raided my Post Office account and bought a drum kit for £25. Later he sold it for £35, but he only repaid me the£25. I had visited a second hand music shop in Cheltenham and bought a Vox Phantom six string with a hard case for £27. It looked cool, but I should have bought a Fender. The Vox had a great sound, but wasn’t as good/fast as a Strat. Maybe a change of strings was all it needed. I sold it for the same so I could buy a brand new six string acoustic Epiphone. When I went to collect the guitar the shop had moved from a back street to a prominent corner unit. I opened the case after handing over the hard earned to find myself staring at a beautiful Gibson semi acoustic in red. Unfortunately the owner saw what had happened; during the move they had protected the Gibson in what was to be my guitar case. Win some lose some. If I had hung on to the Vox it would probably fetch at least £1000 today. Lose some.

<iframe src='https://mars.nasa.gov/embed/25622/' width='100%' height='400'  scrolling='no' frameborder='0'></iframe>

This week 25th February 1901 CLILE C. ALLEN applied for a patent for a "Zoom" lens. On the 1st April 1902 US patent us696788A was granted.

I'm getting my Covid 19 vaccination today 25th Feb. at the Great Yorkshire showground.

https://www.facebook.com/bluesuedeshoes123 Lots of Fun.

When did you last make Cottage Pie, Porridge or Bangers & Mash?

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